Freaking Out

I'm so sorry about this, but I need this post to freak out. So prepare yourself for a fangirl moment.

For those of you who are up to date and have been watching Tyler Oakley's Auguest you know that last nights video was the #troyler video. Totally shipping them, I thought nothing could beat it. Then this happened.


So I guess some of you are just wondering what on earth I'm talking about now, and "who are these people?!". Well, let me introduce you to a little part of my brain. The part that is pure fangirling.

So, Tyler Oakley... heard the name before, but have no idea who he is. Tyler is one of the most famous youtubers out there with over 5 million subscribers. Aside from being super funny and just the best, he is a huge icon for LGBT teens. I could literally talk about Tyler for hours, but I think you would gain more by just watching the magic yourself.

Darren Criss is by far one of the most talented people out there. He's an amazing songwriter, musician, actor and human being. He's most known for his role as Blaine in Glee and for being a part of StarKid.

So, I obviously love both these guys, resulting in my total freak-out when I saw that Darren is in Tyler's newest video. I think I've watched the video about seven times now and I still can't believe it. Just... I'm excited on every possible level.

So yeah, feel free to just put this video on replay. AND if you want to see the troyler video, it will start just after this video.

What do you think about the #tarren video?


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