Tbt Summer

A lot of things happened this summer. I actually don't think I spent more than a couple of weeks at home during the whole summer. I travelled a lot and saw so many beautiful places. I got some new friends and got closer to old friends. All in all, a good summer.

Already one day into the vacation and I was up at three AM rushing to the airport. I spent the first week of summer in Spain with my band. We had BBQ's, shopping trips and hours by the pool at the hotel. We had some fun nights out and ate at some pretty good restaurants.

After we got home from Spain we spent about a week just cleaning the house and taking it easy. We then drove up to my grandmother and grandfather. We took a little three-day trip to Trondheim where we walked around the city, did some shopping, went to the rock museum and took a ferry out to Munkholmen.

Only a few days after we got home from Trondheim we were in our car again, driving off to the airport. Two flights and about a day of traveling later, we arrived at Lee and Shirin's (our cousins in LA) house.
We stayed in LA the first two nights before we took of for Phoenix, Arizona. There we lived at dad's cousin, Lars' place for two days.

The trip then continued to Williams and Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is by far one of the most amazing things I've seen. The whole place has this special light and atmosphere that even the most professional cameras can't catch. The sunrise was stunning and the sunset was (in my opinion) even better. It was breathtaking how the colors were constantly changing, showing of new parts of the canyon as the shadows moved.

After Grand Canyon we took the ten hour drive up to Park City. We stayed there for about a week; shopped in Salt Lake City, celebrated Pioneers Day in Provo, rode Lauren and Amanda's horses and saw Wicked on Broadway Across America.

Before we went back we stayed a couple of nights in Las Vegas to watch the Beatles show at Cirque du Soleil. The last week was spent in LA with Lee, Shirin, Mikailey and Ethan. We had a some days to just relax by the pool or at the beach and go shopping at the malls. We used two whole days in Disneyland and we went to Universal Studios the last day before flying home to Norway.

When we got home I had a few days to settle before I went to french summer school. And then it was back to school, starting sophomore year.

In the end it was a very busy summer, but it was all fun and filled with experiences I'll never forget.

What did you do this summer?


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