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Hi guys!

Since christmas is very soon approaching (ya, like tomorrow!), I've made a little makeup tutorial for you! Yputube is stuffed with different christmas makeup tutorials, but they are usually a tad over the top for my taste. Therefore, I've made one that is a little bit simpler and casual. So… here goes!

Remember to put the video quality to 720p for HD.

I started out with a thin layer of primer, just to smooth my skin out. When my skin was completely dry again, I applied my concealer on dark spots, around my nose and under my eyes. I'm using a concealer from Covergirl, and i absolutely looooove it. I bought two of it when I were in the US this summer, but I've already emptied the first one. It is perfect for my skintone, has good coverage nad is overall just really good. There's nowhere to buy Covergirl in Norway though, which really sucks.

The brush I use to blend out my concealer and smooth out my foundation is from Sephora. It's quite compact, which is a good thing as it blends the makeup out very nicely without removing any product form the skin.

When I was done with the concealer, I went on to applying a thin layer of foundation to even out my skintone.

The base makeup is now done, so I move on to contouring. I use the bareMinerals Warmth to contour my cheekbones, my forehead and give the illusion of a smaller nose. I then use the most fantastic blush ever made; the Clinique blusher. I bought this exact one when I was in England about two and a half years ago, and I'm still amazed by how long it lasts! I've actually never bought another blush after I bought this one. The colour is so nice, the packaging is the perfect size (although I may have dropped it at some point, so that the lid is no longer connected to it) and it lasts forever!

When I'm done with my skin makeup, I move on to my brows. Everything I use for my brows is in the Too Faced Brow Envy kit. I use the brush to put them into place before I apply a little bit of the brunette brow powder. This whole year I have only used a brow pencil like three times or something. Using a powder makes the brows look so much more natural, and it's actually easier and faster to apply.

Before applying any eyeshadow, I put on some eyelid primer to make the shadow stay longer and brighter. The eye makeup in this tutorial is quite simple, only consisting of two different shades. The first one that I use is a creme colored eyeshadow from Hard Candy. I use it on the inner half of my eyelid to "open" my eyes. I then use a dark brown shadow from bareMinerals on the rest of the lid. I blend the colors together with a blending brush from Makeup Mekka.

I use a pencil liner on my lower waterline to intensify my eyes and the makeup, and a dip liner to make winged eyeliner on my lid. I finish off with a beautiful red lipstick from LancĂ´me.

Products used:
- Primer:
- Concealer:
- Face Brush: Sephora (discontinued online)
- Foundation: Maxfactor Facefinity
- Foundation Brush:
- Warmth (bronzer):
- Bronzer Brush:
- Blush:
- Brows:
- Brow Wax Brush:
- Brow Highlighter Brush:
- Eyeshadow Primer:
- Cream Eyeshadow:
- Eyeshadow Brush:
- Brown Eyeshdaow: bareMinerals (included in ltd kit)
- Blending Brush:
- Eyeliner: L'oreal Paris (discontinued)
- Mascara: MaxFactor 2000 Calorie (not available online)
- Lipstick:
- Eyeliner:

Hope you liked the video, and fell free to share!

What are you doing for your christmas makeup?


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