Norwegian Open 2014!

Hi guys!

Today is the second day of Norwegian Open, the first qualifacation round before Nationals. The Junior teams are competing today, and we Seniors had our competition yesterday. I'm probably not going to go see the shows today, but I'm really excited about the videos that will be out later today.

Since I'm born in 1999, I can choose between being on a Junior team or a Senior team. I'm on Viqueens Rush though, the only All Girl Elite team that Viqueens has.

I woke up around 9AM to start the day off with a deathly amount of harispray and way too much foundation for my liking. 
The opening was a little delayed because so many athletes, coaches and teamleaders were stuck in traffic. Eventually the competition day startet about half an hour off schedule.

After the opening, we ran down to the wardrobes to finish our make-up and try, I repeat try, to keep our hear in place. We saw some of the partner stunts and the group tunts before we had to head down again and get ready for warm-up. 

Final pep talk before the show

Our warm-up was perfect, with good stunts and high basket tosses. We also got to run through our dance before it was our turn to perform.

Since All Girl Elite was the first category, we got a lot of time to watch the other teams compete. Viqueens Spirit (Ell Girl Premiere) had an intermediate show (they're already qualified) before the Coed Premiere category. Force had an amazing show, and Heat did really good too, although they only ranked seven.

Viqueens only ended up with one win, but all our four All Girl group stunts were ranked top four. 

We ended up with a fourth place, and Force came second with only 1,5 point less than NRC Tigers.

We didn't win much, but I sill had so much fun. My team has become so much better lately, and all the teams were way better than last year. I'm so happy with how the show went, so now I'm just hoping that we'll get a spot at Nationals!

Have you competed or been to a cheerleading competition before? What do you think of the show?


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